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One Year and Many Miles Later...

I started this blog last year and apparently made my last post on October 4. Well, it's October 24 plus twelve months now, and I'm back.

In this past year, my husband and I have moved from a too-crowded townhouse in too-crowded West Seattle to a larger house in the slightly less dense suburb of Issaquah. Having grown up on several hundred acres of rolling prairie, I was feeling distinctly crowded. I had no garden to speak of. Living things were crowded in like refugees in makeshift boats. I kept a worm bin on the second-floor balcony, two cats, and lots and lots of potted plants that were a small comfort, but nothing like the soul-scrubbing act of tending one's own garden, one's own land.

Seattle's a fairly green city, but still a city for all of that. We all huddle around our small green fires and dream of conflagration.

In those last few years in West Sea, I stopped writing almost entirely, and even my art felt like it wasn't my own. My husband's commute w…

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